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Neuromuscular dryneedling is based on the current understanding of neurophysiology and functional anatomy. It therefore builds on health professionals existing medical knowledge.

We continue our successful training of health practitioners who look after: AFL, basketball, Cycling, Cricket, Rugby, Hockey, Skiing, Swimming, Tennis, Golf and other elite athletes.

We also teach practitioners who work in pain clinics, and for practitioners that manage aches & pains in the general population.

To date we have successfully trained over 3000 practitioners.

How many CPD points do I get for the courses?
16 points (for the 2 days - plus any pre reading you do) as our course meets the AHPRA requirements.

The lecture series run by Dry Needling Courses allows for quick progress. An initial two day course is sufficient to get you started.

We teach:
Doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and myotherapists.

Numbers are kept small to ensure plenty of practice, with high quality teaching.

Please note: These courses are only suitable for people who are currently members of a recognized statutory regulatory body. Proof of degree is necessary with your registration number.

Would you like a course at your workplace?
Just email us at

Why do practitioners choose us?

All of our courses meet AHPRA requirements.
Australian Society of Acupuncture Physiotherapists (ASAP) recommend a minimum of 12 hours face to face training; we provide 16 hours to ensure high quality training.

Free lunch and coffee, fruit & biscuits both days, We only use pain free premium needles

Learn pain free techniques “ needle smarter not harder”,

Bound Manual ($50) Evidence based articles ($35)

Tools of the trade Starter pack MYOTECH (250 Needles), Satchel and many other items $50

Free life time support

Free monthly research articles

$135 of free items included in the course.

“Australia’s Select Physio Dry Needling Course”


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Beginners to Intermediate

2 day course, meets AHPRA requirements
150 page manual included

  • History of dry needling
  • Diagnosis of Myofascial Trigger Points
  • Introduction to neuromuscular dryneedling
  • Dangers and Contraindications
  • Safe needle practice (OH&S)
  • Reactor types & Trigger point patterns
  • Thoracic Pain, CTJ area, Triceps, Biceps
  • Neck pain, head aches, shoulder pain, LBP, chronic sciatica
  • Sports injuries, Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, knee pain, arthritis, etc
  • Superficial and deep dry needling, Periosteal pecking
  • Learn to Elicit Local Twitch responses (LTR)
  • Neurophysiology of acute and chronic pain mechanism

Advanced Level 2

Includes: Advanced Dry Needling, Electro Dry Needling and Cupping in one course

2 day course, meets AHPRA requirements
200 page manual included

  • Neuromuscular dry needling "needle smarter not harder"
  • The latest in trigger point science
  • Find SSS – Sensitized Spinal Segments
  • Learn unique assessment methods
  • Homeostatic Points / Wellness
  • Learn to use Use less needles & spend Less time
  • Objective measures pre & post needling
  • Needle advanced & complex areas: Face, TMJ Pain, Temporal, lateral neck, head, hands, feet, groin / hip area and adductor.
  • Needle Iliopsoas ( The LBP – Prankster)
  • Complex knee pathologies
  • Ankle, chest, axilla, shoulder and abdomen
  • Specific treatments for sports injuries
  • Learn about Needle Responsive Areas- improve your effectiveness
  • Dry needling in pregnancy
  • Learn to use a range of different needles, for different areas
  • Learn Non-Dry needling techniques

Exclusive Podiatry Course

Beginner to Advanced (in one course)
2 day course, meets AHPRA requirements

  • Trigger point pain patterns and Tendinopathies
  • Diagnosis of Myofascial Trigger Points
  • Gluteal pain, TFL, ITB syndrome , Knee pain, hamstrings
  • Shin splints, MTSS, peronei , calf pain, heel pain etc.
  • Achilles tendinopathies, soleus, gastroc , popliteus
  • Ankle pain, foot pain. Tib post, Tib ant, ankle ligaments.
  • Joint pain, bursae pain, plantarfasciitis etc
  • Superficial to deep intrinsic foot muscles
  • Superficial:EHB, EDB, EDL, EHL, Abd Hall, ABDM, FDB
  • Deep: QP,FHB, Add hallucis (both heads)
  • The interossei, tendon attachments
  • Periosteal pecking and much more...
  • Neurophysiology of Acute & Chronic pain
  • Neuro physiological pain relief mechanism
  • Nociceptive pain – neuropathic pain
  • Extensive Hands on Dry Needling practice